The Ties That Blind

A visual one this time. My other half/chap/fellah/him indoors/he who must be ignored (what do you call your partner in crime when you’re my age? He’s 48, for crying out loud – ‘boyfriend’ just makes my teeth melt…) is a mildly obsessional collector of vintage ties. His are mostly from the 1950s, and with getting on for 100 of these mini works of art sitting in the dark in the wardrobe, I decided to pull out a few at random and bring them into the light.

I tried to do some research but failed to find much, so in the highly unlikely event of this blog sparking in you a sudden and massive interest in vintage ties, then this is probably the book you need, and the one from which I stole the genius blog title. Thankyou, Michael J. Goldberg. The book’s available from Amazon US.

So without any further ado, I give you: the ties! (Well, a very small selection of them anyway…)

Hmm, possibly my favourite..

First vintage tie he ever bought

Detail of reverse: 'Pipe Dreams by Wendy'

Another big favourite of mine

Like a lot of 1950s band names, birds seem to feature heavily in ties too.

One of his favourites, not one of mine. Not keen on the 3D effect from the drop shadow.

Love this one too - the illustration design is a bit Angie Lewin..

The colours in these are hand painted over a printed keyline

                                                                                                                                                               And here he is, modelling one of them. As you’ll see from the greasy breakfast and the notoriously-hard-to-clean tie, he likes to live dangerously. (In the background you can just see a member of the Inspiral Carpets, ordering an egg bap.)

2 responses to “The Ties That Blind

  1. Fantastic, and how wonderful to see a guy actually wearing them! Loved this blog. What wonderful ties. These are truly rare. They are mini works of textile art. As a textile hound, I love men’s ties as they are made of fabric with designs you just don’t see anywhere else. I collect them and sell them at my vintage stalls, but get very few takers. It is such a shame. I’m often trying to find ways to recycle them, just so the beautiful fabrics can see the light of day once again. Perhaps there’s scope for another blog there?

  2. Hello Leslie – and thanks for the comment! He wears them to work every day (he teaches music) and of course, on all his gigs too so his ties are very much alive and working… His aren’t at the more exotic end of the scale (you can get some incredible ones where the blade is pleated, as you probably know) – these are very pricey, whereas the ones show here are probably worth about £25/e so it’s not the end of the word when he dribbles egg down them… The recycling idea is interesting, as long as it didn’t involve them being cut up! I don’t think I could bear that… It tends to be the 1940s/50s crowd who want them – where are you currently selling them?

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