A busy week in the land of Choo…

Greetings dear reader! It’s been a busy week or two… where to begin…?

Well, last weekend I took part in my second Vintage and Handmade Fair in deepest South Gloucestershire. Organised and promoted for several years now by the tireless and wonderous Jayne and Michele, it was a gorgeously Springy, Eastery affair: you can look at my limp visual offerings below, or look here for some photos that do the job properly.

Brilliant bunting courtesy of lovely Linzi at Pretty Please Boutique on eBay

Fab hats from Clare at Daisy Daisy

Marriage has never looked so sinister....

Pom poms just arent on enough things in my opinion.

A fine example of vintage nipple tweaking.


The singing ringing Easter tree, thankfully not guarded by a vicious Eastern German dwarf.

I love this - it was all knobbly too.

Brillant cat by Woo Gilchrist wearing a custom made cashmere sweater and a messenger bag! Too, too cute...

Woo, maker of cats, and lots of other stuff too:

I hear on the vintage grapevine that some dastardly and unimaginative cads have been nicking the name so beware of cheap imitations – there is only one Vintage and Handmade Fair and it looks like this:

Today was an interesting one: in the morning, I finally decided to remove ostrichy-head-from-sand, face up to my pathological fear of spreadsheets and attend a cashflow seminar in a vague attempt to understand exactly how all those millions inexplicably end up as grubby coppers by the time they reach my account. The seminar itself was great – a teensy bit taxing (no pun intended) on the old grey matter, but very useful and I am now obscenely wealthy, on paper at least.

What made it really interesting, though, was that it took place on a large boat moored on the Thames at Temple, and the owner explained that part of the stabilisation mechanism had broken. This meant that as well as rising and falling, the boat also pitched from side to side and occasionally smacked quite violently into the pier to which we were (allegedly) moored. As a result,  just the words ‘Capital Asset’ and ‘Closing Equity’ are now enough to make me feel decidedly queasy… and all this on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. How very apt.

Sinking ship.

Balance sheet. Now, who can see a connection between these two images?

A quick scuttle across Blackfriars Bridge took me to the National Theatre where I went to see Rockin’, an exhibition of photos taken on the British and American rockabilly scenes by Andrew Shaylor, a lot of them at The Rockabilly Rave (UK) and Viva Las Vegas (US). It was very odd to be at an exhibition featuring so many familiar faces… The book is available here.

© Andrew Shaylor

And finally (hang on in there – we’re nearly there), I skipped excitedly up the South Bank to check that my cards really were in the Royal Festival Hall shop and that I didn’t just dream it, and sure enough….

Me and Angie Lewin? Yeah, were like that now...


3 responses to “A busy week in the land of Choo…

  1. Oh wow great to see your cards there, whoo hoo, you’ll be too famous to speak to us now ;o)

    Now how come I’ve never heard of this book & photos I am soooo out of the loop, looks interesting but yeah I can imagine it’s a bit weird!

  2. Sorry – do I know you….? Arf! I can’t remember how I heard about this exhibition now – Pete knew about the book because he met the photographer at the Riot, but I forget how the exhibition plopped into my consciousness… almost certainly Facebook. It’s not big but it’s interesing: the book’s worth a look if you don’t make it.

  3. Oooooo, I am in pictures and everyfink – ta! Love your cards there next to Angie Lewin – very posh. Well done!

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