Carry On Regardless…

So – undeterred by the (sniff) absence of any (sniffle) comments on my last blog entry (HONNNNNK! wipe, wipe..), I shall plough on regardless with yet another small and loosely connected collection of notes, thoughts and photos about odds and sods that have caught my eye in recent days.

First off is this lovely and decidedly Art Deco-ey floral bedding (below) from Collier Campbell who are English sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell. They’ve been ‘producing iconic hand-painted textiles since the 1960s’ it says here, but this is the first I’d seen of them. They’re available to buy at House of Fraser.

It brought to mind a few things, most obviously the ‘Bloomsbury Group’ style made famous by, amongst others, Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell who lived and worked at Charleston House in the 1930s. The yellow fabric (below) was designed by Grant; the other images are from the Charleston website:

The second thing it reminded me of (she said, modestly) was my own design for the Floradeco range of cards:

I wrestled with this design for weeks before realising that by adding a folksy, Romany feel to it, I could get away from what had been until then a very clunky Art Deco pastiche. Maybe I had the Bloomsbury thing in the back of my mind somewhere?

I think that’s all for now: I think my new style is going to have to be Less Is More or Little and Often if I’m going to post more than once a month….

Thought I’d end with this nice abstract pattern that, in shape and colour, certainly tips its hat to the 1930s:

Who says the Waterloo and City line can’t be inspirational? Blurred, yes, but inspirational nonetheless.

Carry on.


3 responses to “Carry On Regardless…

  1. Mr Pennyworth

    Whoaa! Give us a chance! I was just working on a great comment for the Mom’s day stuff.

    It is clear that spring has infused you with a trojan like work ethic and the creative juices are beginning to flow like the sap of a young Hawthorn. However, the rest of us are still stumbling around trying to locate a lost hour. That said, I love the deco stuff – quintessentially spring – and Tube train design hits the sweet spot for me every time. It is definitely one of this country’s great contributions to art and design.

  2. I love the bedding design! Would love pretty crap with my 50s curtains sadly!

  3. Yes, that’s the thing – you’d have to make the bedding the feature of the room unless you wanted your eyes to bleed…

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