Mummy, dearest…

With Mother’s Day just round the corner, I thought this might be an opportune moment to take a look at a few cards through the ages…

Mothering Sunday started off as a religious celebration, honouring the Virgin Mary and your ‘mother’ church (the main church of the area).  Young people who were in service away from home were given a day off to visit this mother church, and their families; they would pick wild flowers along the way to place them in the church or to give them to their mothers as gifts.

If you’re starting to feel a bit queasy, you’ll be relieved to hear that secularism  and commercialism soon raised their disreputable heads, as some of the following demonstrate in admirably gaudy fashion…

This lovely specimen is from and those colours are giving me some filthy ideas, I don't mind admitting...

Say you care with bindweed.

Kittens? Check. Bows? Check. Nauseating quantites of sugar pink? Check.

'So let's get this straight - you swapped your sister for the dog...?' Ah, they weren't laughing 15 years later when she was still missing.

Cute 1950s die-cut card, although I bet it fell over every time anyone opened the door.

This is just lovely, and I can't think of anything rude to add.

A rather sombre one, this... is she in a retirement home?

Love this one - fairground typography, an anchor... ah, surely enough to bring a tear to the eye of any seafaring, carney mother...

Not so mad about the main image (are those forecourt carnations?), but love the little deco flower motifs around this

Treads a fine line between cute and sick-making but comes out on top, I feel.

This Mothering Sunday, why not take some psychotropic drugs?

I know, I know, it's a book cover and not a card but really, how could I leave it out?

This is the kind of thing that makes me warm to the 1960s...

"Take a letter, Wifey, then get in that kitchen and make my dinner while I slap your tush!"

"Mommy - you used to beat me with a big wooden brush, but my therapist says I didn't mind..."

Neal and Steve are one person, but the therapist is working on that too.

And if that lot hasn’t reminded you it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, then nothing will.


6 responses to “Mummy, dearest…

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  3. Mr Pennyworth

    Hello… what’s a ‘pingback’? Are they legal?

    Anyway, I think you are hitting your stride with this blog thing – short, informative, georgoeus visuals and extremely funny. (after reading that back it kind of looks like a lonely hearts ad).

    Excellent work Ms Choo!

  4. Thanking you, Mr Pennyworth. I’m not sure about pingbacks – I think I had one in 1994 when lyrca was a new addition to minimalist underwear but I’ll save that for another blog. Thank you for your kind comments – looking at the cards above, you do have to wonder just what kind of relationship some of these people had with their mothers… Freud would have had a field day: “Ya, zo, tell me about yorrr mutter – how many brrrreasts did she heff…?” etc.

  5. “Ya, and vot prompted you to send her zer mutter’s day card mit der coquettish schtrumpet wearing a rose of gigantic proportions on her head?”
    (sixth card down)

    This is too much fun – I really must get on with some work now…

  6. Fun? Fun?? I hope you don’t think I enjoy any of this, Mr P…

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