Nokia Nonsense

Ah, so here we are again, dear reader!

I had thought I might open up a discussion this week about the epitaxial growth and structure of metal overlayers of oriented substrates and how I might visually represent this in a commercially viable range of birthday cards…  But then I started to notice that my phone’s been getting quite heavy of late, and a bit of exploration revealed that I’ve got loads of photos on my memory card! Seems the pesky blighter starts storing them there when The Other Place It Stores Them gets full – and I had no idea!

So I’ve just spent an amusing half hour downloading and sorting through them and I thought it might be good (ie very easy) for me to post a few of the more ‘interesting’ ones and call them ‘a blog entry’!

There is some method in my laziness, however, as I do tend to snap stuff that I find mildly interesting and/or stuff that will give me ideas, so assume the brace position, and prepare yourself for a visual trip into the (frequenly mundane) mind of the phone-wielding retrophile…

A typeface that quietly suggests 1930s officialdom and all the tedium and restraint inherent therein. Take a letter, would you Miss Flange....?

From the sublime to the ridiculous: not sure who does Ridleys packaging design, but I wish it was me. I'd buy the empty box.

Bought this for my first trade show.

Then I bought this one aswell. I was a bit nervous.

Midwinter dinner set - £20. Yes, you may hate me. I understand.

Sauce boat... very sculptural... gorgeous colour... yes, yes, I did say £20... yes, for the whole lot...

Pattern detail. Okay, I'll stop now.

Appalling photo, sorry, of a great logo on the sole of a shoe in our local cobblers.

Pete playing Russian roulette with a lovely vintage tie and a very contemporary fry up.

Not at the end of the pier, sadly, but at the end of a field at a hotrod event last summer.

It's only just occurred to me that I didn't go on this, and I can't for the life of me imagine why..

And last, but definitely not least – I spotted this fantastic wallpaper in a shop window and have no idea what it is. Anyone?

So there you have it – and if you found those boring, you should see the ones that ended up on the virtual cutting room floor, including one of a nasty blister, one of some comfy-looking Clarks shoes (no connection with the blister one, incidentally) and about 18 of the floor/my shoes/my lap, etc.

Thanks for looking! Be sure to drop on by again, y’hear?


4 responses to “Nokia Nonsense

  1. ha ha ha sounds like the photos on my phone, lots of not quite good photos. However you have some good ones, what do you mean some wallpaper in a shop? What shop? Do they still make it?!!

  2. Great post. £20. Jammy!!

  3. Woo: I know (Wish you could see how smug I’m looking, although you can probably imagine..) It’s in my mum’s loft, though, so I’m not deriving a huge amount of pleasure from it just now…

  4. Fiona: Well, it’s still in the shop window, so I’m going to go in and ask! It’s only over the road. They have a lot of Sanderson stuff in there so I checked the website but no sign on the website… I shall report back.

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