Top Drawer

So, I survived three days of  Top Drawer at Earl’s Court. It was my first one ever and what a great first show – busier than I’d dared expect, lots of interest, plenty of orders, and potentially a handful of agents on board so a great start to the new year. Had a very good response the new ranges too, which is a relief…

As I’m still in post-show headless chicken mode, I decided a gallery post would have to suffice, and hey – we all need a break from words sometimes… I’m too lazy to even do captions, so my wonderful assistants this time were Patricia (not pictured, which is tragic as she was wearing a superb turban), Fiona from Notorious Kitsch (who co-ordinated her vintage shirt with my doggy cards, above), and Pete, the multi-talented chap, who did a sterling job of chauffering, re-wiring, making sure all my cards went on the wall straight etc etc. It’s the little things.. Anyway, hopefully wordy normal service will be resumed soon – until then…. click on any photo to see it bigger.


2 responses to “Top Drawer

  1. Was a great day and hooray to Pete for perfect placement :o)

  2. Quite! Not to mention his immaculate lacing (or whatever it’s called) on my lighting cables. Y’see, you can take the boy out of BT…

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