Sale! Yes, I said…

So this isn’t going to be one of my more sophisticated posts, but then I’m struggling to put one fat, lethargic finger in front of the other after a very calorific white Christmas at home in the bosom of my family.

Apart from a regrettable brush with my nephew’s Wii Sport in which I ruptured something I haven’t flexed since I was 17, I had six long days of wall-to-wall Quality Street, endless Marple, perma-looped Poirot and a steady supply of something red and cheeky. Christmas heaven. My only complaint would be that Upstairs Downstairs was a bit disappointing (it wasn’t Downton was it?), and whichever marketing upstart thought that Worcester Sauce would make a good flavour for Twiglets needs to spend some time at the job centre writing out I Will Not Mess With A Classic 500 times.

Limited Edition Worcester Sauce Twiglets: in an ideal world, would be permanently limited.

I trust yours was similarly idyllic, but tweaked-Twiglet-free.

Anyway, I’m back, and in an attempt at end-of-year industry, I’ve just managed to update my website with some January Sale offers. This will hopefully clear the decks a bit and make way for my new designs (more of those later)  which I’ll be previewing at Top Drawer (more of that later) in a couple of weeks (eeeek!)

So with ranges reduced by 40%, get yourselves along to the Pennychoo  website now and bag yourself some cardy bargains. And I don’t mean cheap knitwear! Geddit? No? No. You’re right. Sorry.


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