Have yourselves a very Kustom Kristmas…

What about this weather then, eh? Nope, that’s not a great theme for a blog post. Hmm. As usual, I’ll  just throw together a few bits and bobs and see what happens.

First off we have these gor-r-r-rgeous brooches which arrived very promptly from Daniella at  Acorn & Will, who were also at Vintage & Handmade (see last blog post). They do lots of really gorgeous things, but I particularly love their brooches – they look so Bakelitey, especially the fantastic swallows, with which I’m mildly besotted.  As you can see, Scottie has already taken jaunty pride of place on my (sadly not Pendleton, and not even vintage) blanket coat. (more info about Pendleton here if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Sunday saw me braving the frozen wastelands of deepest Holloway to take part in the very first London Lowbrow and Kustom Ko-op Kristmas Fair which brought together a whole bunch of rare and varied creative types on the custom/rockabilly edge of design and making. There was pinstriping, tattooed wood, beautiful bags, burlesque headgear, rockabilly jewellery, tiki madness, niche magazines, live music, punk cakes, much, much more that I’ve forgotten… and me! Here are some pics, courtesy of Tamara Lee: (A quick click will make ’em all bigger..)

Eyeball Cupcakes...

Tiki Madness from Trader Jim and Exotic Tramp

Pinstriping, courtesy of Von Leadfoot

Live art!

...more pinstriping..

Rockabilly bling from Dolly Cool

Fabness by David Heulun

A scene of cakey, creative chaos...

...and Pennychoo!

...yes, that's Pennychoo!

So big thanks to Kate (aka Clumsy) for putting her heart and soul into organising  a unique event which ended with a veritable plethora of very loud, very live bands! Thankyou Kate! And Nicola!

A quick mention too to two lovely and interesting people I met there, namely Beth from Floozey who designs amazing burlesque headpieces, and Scarlett, who produces the marvelous Dirty Magazine. Both very interesting people with a passion for the eccentric and the exotic and, like everyone at the Fair, an encouraging breath of fresh air in this age of Z-Factor Strictly Come Celebrity Jungle’s Got Zero Talent, pah!! (I’ll be 40 soon y’know – does it show?)

Anyway, that’s quite enough grumpy ranting for one night: I’m off to chip the icicles off my pyjamas… Night all!



2 responses to “Have yourselves a very Kustom Kristmas…

  1. Looks like it was fun, wish we could have been there but then we would have spent far too much money!

  2. ‘A quick mention too to two lovely and interesting people …’

    ‘too to two’? I bet I couldn’t do that again if I tried!

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