All the Fun of the Fair! (or Burnt Offerings and B!**&%! Builders)

Well, finally I get round to blogging about the much anticipated Vintage and Handmade Fair! The run up to it was rather more eventful than I would have liked as all my new Christmas designs were carefully delivered to the wrong flat by the brain-dead courier who let a bunch of builders (called ‘Susan’…?) sign for (and steal) all my new stock! Nice one, UK Mail! (or UK Fail as they’re now known in these parts..) Quite what a bunch of brickies did with a box of pretty Christmas cards is anyone’s guess, but I can only hope they got a lot of ribbing when they tried to sell them down the pub.

Anyway, one frantic reprint later, I headed off at 5.30am (I had no idea there were two 5.30s in the day…) and arrived in frosty Chipping Sodbury for a tip top day of selling and chatting.

I know it seems a bit narcissistic only having pics of my own stall, but as I was on my own, I couldn’t get away to photograph anyone else’s (the flip side being that I also couldn’t get away to buy stuff, which is perhaps just as well…) There are some great pics here though.

I had a fantastic day in terms of sales and these little chaps (designed specially for the day and now available through my website), certainly did the business:

Perhaps my proudest moment, though, was seeing my own home-made biscuits on sale in the tea room. Those of you who know me will be aware that baking is not one of my fortes (ahem), and there was even talk from Michele about burnt offerings having to be identified by dental records, but no! Apart from the odd one which looked like it might have retired to the Costa-Del-Sol a bit too early on in life, they turned out rather well! View the evidence if you will:

Twas the night before the V&H Fair...

Ugrgh! Get the mice off! Get the... Oh! I see. Sorry..

What you can't see here is the mallet used to hammer the cocktail stick in.

Admittedly, there were rather a lot of them left at the end of the day, but to be fair, I did take about 60 of them, and there were a lot of gooey and frankly far more culinarily accomplished things on offer, so my ego remains relatively undented (although I did see a terrier gnawing on one for a good half hour before wandering off, whimpering and bleeding slightly from the gums…)

I also met some lovely people who I’ve only previously encountered in the blogosphere, but I’ll save them for the next installment…

So thankyou Michele and Jayne for organising a stupendously successful day!! Hip hip… etc


8 responses to “All the Fun of the Fair! (or Burnt Offerings and B!**&%! Builders)

  1. What a pretty stall and cards! The pics of the fair on flickr are breathtaking! What an amazing fair to be part of. Congratulations!

  2. Thankyou! If only I could have ironed the tablecloth, but it was paper so perhaps inadvisable.. Yes, thankfully someone with a good camera took all the great piccies I couldn’t! It really did look fantastic, especially donwstairs where there were lots of vintage fabrics.. Well worth the trip if you can make it next time!

  3. oooh did you say vintage fabric, hello, I’m there!
    The stall looks good AND I didn’t know you could bake…..

  4. Thanks Fiona – the stall would have looked a lot worse without your lovely card display units! And I think jury’s still out on the baking front… well, the terrier’s still undecided anyway…

  5. I loved your stall and the cards are just beautiful. Apart from that brief trolley dash I did to you, minutes before the fair opened, I didn’t get to look at the stalls upstairs properly. Nor the cakes, boo hoo 😦

    Hope you did really well x

  6. Your cards were fabulous which is why they were so popular!
    It was really lovely to have you at the fair & hopefully next time too!
    The biscuits do look rather festive & the mice obviously liked them……mice have very good taste you know……


  7. I’m afraid I didn’t manage to get to your stall on the day either but my daughter did and brought me one of your postcards, – hence the visit to your blog today! And I can vouch for the biccies – they were lovely!!

  8. Thanks Corinne! Yes, they did taste quite nice, once you’d got into them… Just had a quick look at your website: lovely fairies! I really like the look of that calendar… Anyway, I shall visit regularly. Thanks for commenting, and for persevering with the biccies!!

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