Boibles, schmoibles..

A visual feast today. Those of you who have met me for even a nanosecond will be aware that I have a range of retro Christmas cards on sale now (ahem) which goes under the name of ‘Boibles’ and which takes its inspiration from those lovely glass Christmas decorations of the 1950s.

Well, I found these nuggets of twinkly loveliness (below) on etsy today, courtesy of Roberta Grove whose blog is also very much worth a visit, being full of whimsy and (good) weirdness.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find that knowing that something will shatter immediately if dropped onto anything harder than pre-soaked marshmallow imbues glass baubles with a preciousness and fragility lacking in today’s tawdry trinkets.  And they went and took all of the fun out of fairy lights too: show me a proper dad who doesn’t secretly wish he could still play which-of-these-fifty-three-*@!*!!@$-light-bulbs-is-it-that’s-stopping-all-the-others-working? Ah, yes, the traditional family Christmas.

Anyway, that’s quite enough of all that: bring on the baubles! All are for sale, and if you look closely, I think the pink and green ones might actually have my name on them… (click for a close up..)

Interestingly, looking at these reminds me that far from being bright,  a lot of old glass baubles are gorgeously delicate in colour, something I shall bear in mind for next year’s Christmas designs…

And to finish, here are some photos I took of my friend Patricia’s lovely baubles (steady on!) during her stylishly rero Christmas soirée last December. Maybe it was the slightly sinister pipe-cleaner Santa that did it, but I felt they were begging for that orange-tinted ‘Christmas Day, 1976’ feel so I put them through a Polaroid filter:

It might just be me, but I always think that that Santa looks like he’s muttering something guttral and Germanic into his beard about eating fattened children.

Hmm,  just me, then.

Anyway, that’s quite enough balls for one day. Toodleoo.


6 responses to “Boibles, schmoibles..

  1. Love your cards and really looking forward to seeing them at the Vintage and Handmade on Sunday x

  2. Thankyou! I hope you do see them as my printer claims that a courier has today delivered all my new cards to the wrong number, and someone pretending to be me has signed for them (allegedly) but is now denying ever having seen the courier, so somebody somewhere is telling porkies but I’m not sure who! And yesterday, my OH smashed the vase I was going to use to hold my ‘festive twigs’, arrrgh! Let’s hope nobody accidentally bulldozes Sodding Chipbury before Sunday to make way for an accidental bypass…. See you Sunday! x

  3. Lovely blog, by the way!

  4. Thanks Donna! Lovely to meet you too. And what a great day it was – I sold loads more than I’d expected and got some great (and interesting) enquiries. And finally met some people I’ve only previously met in the blogosphere, like you and Michelle and Jayne and Daniella – so a spiffing day all round!
    Hope you did well too x

  5. PS (V&H themed blog entry to follow just as soon as I’ve downloaded photos and got the use of my frostbitten digits back…)

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