Skulls, Swedes and Shortbread…

Oh, how I envy those prolific writers who have wonderfully themed and well-structured blogs. This will be another mildly haphazard collection of stuff I’ve surrepticiously photographed in shops, and Work Wot I Have Dun in recent days.

So let’s start with an old favourite – M&S biscuit tins! A security guard actually told me to stop taking photos yesterday (put a twit in a uniform…), so I responded by smiling dutifully, turning the sound off on my camera, and carrying on regardless while he manfully strode off to rebuke a troublesome toddler. Maybe he thought I was a potential biscuit terrorist…? (death by custard cream – now that sounds like a great way to go…) Anyway, here’s one you’ve seen before, but this time, I thought I’d spoil you with the in focus version.. (click to enlarge)

I quite liked this one too (below). I’m not sure what it is with M&S and biscuit tins as they don’t do the retro packaging thing anywhere else – weird.

Anyway, that’s quite enough of that. No more biscuit tins until next Christmas, promise.

I went on a jaunt to the V&A yesterday and stopped en route at the Swedish design emporium Skandium on Brompton Road where I snapped a few nice bits and bobs including this rather elegant beech light shade and some nice posters:

As you’d expect with it being on the Brompton Road, it’s not the cheapest place you’ll ever shop, but it’s good for an inspirational browse.

The rest of the weekend was spent developing the Christmas cards I previewed here not long ago based on all the useful-but-varied feedback I received. So, now the Poinsettia designs are ‘more Christmassy’, and the Festive Floradecos are ‘lighter’ and more ‘Art Deco-ey’. I hope. (Everyone liked the Scotty dogs so I’ve left them unmolested.)

Festive Floradeco


I’ll be taking these to the Vintage and Handmade Fair this weekend which I imagine will attract a more traditional, craft-y, country crowd, and on December 5th, I’ll be doing the London Lowbrow Kustom Kristmas Fair which promises to attract a more custom-culture, hotrod loving bunch. So just for a fun, and to indulge my ongoing fascination with Dia de los Muertos, I designed a new Christmas card specifically for that event:

Yessss, I know what you’re thinking – Mexican skulls at Christmas… it might work, it might not…  I’ll let you know!


8 responses to “Skulls, Swedes and Shortbread…

  1. Yay! Love them all and the Mexican Skull is fabulous. I am in the middle of doing Day of the Dead themed Christmas decs so i’m glad to note i’ll be in good company!


  2. Thank you! And thank the lord something good came out of missing the Riot… the plan was to Stop In And Work and I did, so I’m feeling very virtuous…(*ping*) (<– halo)

  3. Actually, I suppoose this blog does raise some issues about designing for your audience, which I undoubtedly am doing here. I’d love to say I have one really strong style, and that’s ‘Pennychoo’, but I have to say that I love so many styles that I don’t want to restrict myself on any one of them! I enjoyed doing them all equally… That said, I do try and keep it within a 30 year window… I’m not a complete creative tart!

  4. Hmmm… now you mention the custard cream.. I once lived opposite the Huntley & Palmers Biscuit factory in Reading and on ‘custard cream’ day.. the aroma in my neighbourhood was intoxicating. I think I was hooked from an early age and am now a hopeless addict. Probably already told you that.. having another of my senior moments.. ie. no memory!
    Well the ‘Sodding Chipbury’ county set will be in for a treat on Sunday.. don’t hold back on the skulls! I personally love them!

  5. Custard cream day? Fantastic! Was every day of the week associated with a biscuit? I like that idea…

    ery glad you like my seasonal skull card (I have birthday ones too, y’know..) and who knows? Maybe they’ll go a bomb on Sunday with the Sodding country set and the hotrodders will be snapping up the Art Deco ones? Stranger things have happened at sea… Me? I’ll just be happy if I’m selling stuff…

  6. ery glad? I’m very glad, too…

  7. I love the Mexican Skull Christmas cards, Paul’s most popular paintings are his Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls ones, he’s sold 3 already! Another 2 this weekend, 1 Day of the Dead and 1 music themed one.

    Love the other cards too!

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