Odds & Sods

Just a quick one today, you’ll be pleased to hear, as I’ve got a bigger one planned, oh yes… Thought I’d keep it visual and just showcase a few nice bits and bobs I’ve spotted on my travels over the past week or so.

First – these rather lovely kitcheny textiles I spotted in a garden and craft centre last weekend while I was visiting my mum. They’re by Ulster Weavers and feature some snazzy 50s designs from the V&A collection (top: Portofino; bottom: Feldman):

Next, some retro biccie tins in M&S. This year, they’ve mostly gone for that ’60s Scandinavian folk thing (like everyone else), but I spotted these jaunty gems too which feature British, 1950s-style illustrations, and as if that wasn’t good enough, they’re only full of biccies too! (I must apologise now for the fuzzy photos, but after having had the phone for the better part of 12 months, I’ve only today realised how to focus the camera properly. Sadly, this was a revelation I made shortly after taking these…)

I can’t tell if it’s the same illustrator on both, but I’m particularly taken with those shapely Scottish legs… (I should also add that they’re half price at the moment, shortbread-fetishists..)

And to finish, I spotted this supercool (and almost certainly original) 1950s logo in our trusty local launderette on the front of one of the washers. Like classic cafés, launderettes are fast becoming one of the few places you’re likely to see original 1950s design on the British high street so I’m making it my mission to get out there and take as many snaps as I can before they all vanish. Rest assured that you’ll be the first to see them, dear reader.

On which melancholy, note, I’ll sign off! Toodleoo!


3 responses to “Odds & Sods

  1. Marks & Sparks, the garden centre, the launderette – ah yes, my life is just one, dizzy social whirl… Must dash: I’m just off to get the hamster wormed…

  2. Would you like the loan of a mangy tabby to worm… maybe get a discount for two?

    P.s Pennychoo is featuring at a blog near you.. see my blog.

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