Pressure ho-ho-ho’s… (geddit? oh, suit yourself..)

So I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable day today designing Christmas cards. I normally try not to think about Christmas until, well, Christmas Day if at all possible, but this year, things have had to be a bit different and realistically, I should probably really have been thinking about it since, ooooh, round about February at the latest. Hmmm…

So anyway, I’m doing the lovey Vintage and Handmade Christmas Fair at the end of the month (hello Jayne! hello Michele!) and as I only have two Christmas ranges, doing the event is my incentive to do some more. (Jump off cliff, grow wings on way down etc.)

So I wanted to develop the Floradeco range as it sells well and would probably suit the genteel people of Chipping Sodbury rather well (clicking on the pics will make them bigger):

… so what I spent a lot of the day coming up with was this – roses replaced by poinsettias, wavy ground replaced by a snowy one, berries, holly, festive colours…

… but I have my reservations: is it too dark? Has it lost its Deco mojo??

Anyway, this evening, I came up with this (below) which I really quite like. I’m not sure it screams ‘Christmas!’ but then, that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my book…

I’ve done some others too, but you’ll just have to come to Sodding Chipbury* to see those. So there.

* Sodding Chipbury gag copyright Michele, 2010 – the cheque’s in the post.


9 responses to “Pressure ho-ho-ho’s… (geddit? oh, suit yourself..)

  1. Can’t we have some of those lovely pennychoo birds transformed into Robins, dropping festive poo onto a wartime rationed Christmas pudding?

    hic….after a few glasses of wine my suggestion may need some daylight consideration…! But when will your Christmas offerings be available?

  2. Michele ~ Cowboys & Custard

    Once again.. at the risk of repeating myself.. I love your designs as they really tug at that nostalgia nerve of mine. Takes me right back to my nan’s house .. a complete with flying ducks, wonderful Deco 3 piece suite and lurid lino on the floor.
    Looking forward to seeing these great designs in the flesh.. so to speak.

    Michele x

  3. Rich – what Pennychoo birds are those then? I rather like the sound of rationed, wartime poo, though… Hope the cold and sober light of day is being kind to you x

    PS Why, there are Christmas cards available to buy *right now* at the Pennychoo website!! You’ll have to wait a bit for the new ranges, though…

  4. Love the new designs & looking forward to snapping a few up at the fair before they all disappear!


  5. Ah, thanks Jayne – I wish I had your optimism! I willl be bringing some other new desigsn too so we shall see… You *must* have one of my HOME MADE biscuits though, ahem.

  6. oooh I like the first one and no it hasn’t lost it’s Deco mojo!

    Wish I could make it to Chipping Sodbury, where IS Chipping Sodbury? Maybe we can!!

  7. It’s in the Cotswolds (Glos) – about an hour and a half from you. I would offer to pick you up en route, but I’ll be passing your way at about, ooh, 6.30… on a Sunday… !

  8. Oh do come along Fiona.. it would be lovely to meet you having shared tweets in the past.

    Michele x

  9. Yes! Come along, Fiona! But don’t go to Sodding Chipbury by mistake…

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