Kustom Kristmas Kwestions…

I’ll be doing a few events between now and Christmas, including this brand new one organised by the London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op. They’ve brought together some really interesting creative people who are inspired by the whole rockabilly and hotrod scene and I’m looking forward to meeting every last one of them!

They also seem to doing a fantastic job of promoting it, and they’re asking every stall-holder 5 questions and then publishing them on facebook. Having just finished slaving over mine, I thought I’d bore you all, er, share them with you here! It was harder than you’d think…

1. Where did the name Pennychoo come from?
Okay, this may be lost on anyone born after 1971, but as a child, you’d be allowed to go to the shop with a handful of coppers to buy Black Jacks, Fruit Salad, Bazooka Joes, spongey shrimps and bananas and they all cost a penny (ie penny chews). I wanted a name that suggested nostalgia, but which was quirky without being too nauseating. I also wanted something that sounded British, and sounded a bit like ‘Sue’ (my name) but which used ‘oo’ (which works better visually). Although of course, everyone now thinks I’m called Penny. Which isn’t annoying at all. Really, it’s not. Nope, not one bit. The name’s Sue, by the way.

2. What is it that attracts you to mid-century style and design?
Blimey – great question! I am really drawn to it, but I’ve never really asked myself why. It varies from cars to fabrics to architecture to furniture, but I suppose it’s the fearless use of all that black, the futuristic, streamlined shapes, the weird organic and space-age motifs (molecules, cells, atoms, stars, kidneys) – sounds obvious, but it’s really just the shapes and colours! The way things looked suddenly became important and exciting again after the drab austerity of the war, especially over here. My dad went to the Festival of Britain and I only found that out after he died – I wish I’d had the chance to ask him about it.

3. What was the best greetings card you ever received? And do you still have it?
I have no idea, although I suspect I would have been about 6, and it would almost certainly have featured a puppy and some glitter and I probably do have it in my mum’s loft somewhere in the back of a Beano Annual.

4. What is your favourite holiday/day of celebration?
When I was little, it was always Hallowe’en because I desperately wanted to be a witch after I saw one on ‘Words & Pictures’, but I’ve gone off it since it’s become all commercialised and gaudy. In my day, you carved a rock-hard swede with a dessert spoon ’til your hands bled then you went to bed and lay awake and wide-eyed with terror ’til dawn, and you were glad to do it! Kids today, don’t get me started…etc.

5. What are you most looking forward to about Kustom Kristmas?
Meeting fellow creatives (or should that be Kreatives?) and spending an afternoon in the pub! The only time I ever get to do that these days is at weekenders. After a pint and a half, I’ll probably be telling everyone I love them and giving cards away, and if *that* isn’t a good reason to come along….


6 responses to “Kustom Kristmas Kwestions…

  1. I’m really hoping we can make it, can’t wait to see you tipsy giving cards away ;o)

  2. Michele ~ Cowboys & Custard

    Deliciously nostalgic.. all that talk of Black Jacks and Fruit Salad.. and do you remember Jamboree Bags with those concrete toffees? Probably why our local dentist was positioned right next to the corner sweet shop ‘when I were a lass!’
    Would love to visit Kustom Kristmas but alas will be getting hypothermia at an outdoor art sale that day!

  3. Hmmm, I think Jamboree Bags might have been (dare I say it?) a bit before my time, Michele….! Enjoy the art sale – I recommend a hot water bottle up your jumper.

  4. Are you implying that I am an aged person???? Well very astute.. I am of the era when crisps came with a twist of salt in the packet and Mars Bars cost 6d… that’s 2.5 pence to you!
    I think I will be wearing my fur lined undergarments that day!

  5. Ah, I too remember the crisps (just!) although I’m still trying to work out why they had lots of tasteless ones and one very salty blue one… Thank the lord Mars bars aren’t sill 2.5p today though – can you imagine? (mmmm, actually, I think I can imagine….. lovely….)

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