RSS SOS or What That Orange Thing Actually Is

Okay, so this won’t be the most creative post you’ll ever read on here but hopefully it’ll nip a small, square, orange issue in the bud early on.

That issue is RSS or ‘Really Simple Syndication’. Don’t you just hate TLAs (three letter acronymns)? Especially ones with the words ‘really’ and ‘simple’ in them, thereby ensuring that you feel doubly stupid for not understanding them.

Anyway, to avoid boring you with email updates every time I post a new entry, I was advised to ‘encourage’ people in the way of RSS feeds, which is tricky when you have no idea what one is. A quick straw poll around the communal lounge during a break in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ found that most people I know have no idea what one is either, and even less idea of what to do with one if they had one. So let me share with you the tiny nuggets of information that my extensive research has thrown up. (The tech-savvy among you may want to to look away now.)

In a nutshell: when you click on the That Orange Square Thing on this site (or any other site), you sign up to an RSS Feed – a simplified version of the blog in question. To access this feed, you need an ‘RSS Aggregator’ (that’s ‘a reader’ to the likes of you and me). When you  subscribe, a few different reader options will appear and it’s a quick username/password sign-up job. If you subscribe to feeds on all your favourite blogs, your reader regularly checks them all for updates and creates a kind of personalised blog dashboard where you can see them all simultaneously. A kind of One-Stop Drive-Thru Blog Shop, if you will.

See? After all that fuss you made, it couldn’t actually be more simple. Oh, and being a retro-themed blog, don’t forget that you will need to wear these to view it properly:

Why is that man laughing? Was it something I wrote?? Anyway, that’s all for now –  the next one will be more interesting, and shorter, I promise.


4 responses to “RSS SOS or What That Orange Thing Actually Is

  1. Thank you for solving one of my life’s little mysteries.. I will go away enlightened though will probably stick to my old tried and tested bookmark page being a bit of a traditionalist and numpty when confronted with orange squares.. other than Opal Fruits of course!

    Michele x

  2. Oh, *thankyou* for calling them Opal Fruits and not Starburst, Michele – this truly is a retro blog!

  3. Yay you did it! Sorry I wasn’t very explicit when I said I read all blogs through Google Reader I realise now I didn’t tell you how that happens eeek!

    Anyway all done and now you are in my Google Reader list and I shall be entirely up to date on all your news if you should even fall out with me and not let me know person ;o)

  4. mmmmm…opal fruits!, still none the wiser about RSS! ha ha! But i have a tendency to switch off when i hear words like “Aggregator” and “username”. I did wake up momentarily when you mentioned dashboards though!

    I should probably read this again when i’m more awake!

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