Be gentle – I’m new here…

Oh! And so are you, so that’s okay then. Welcome to the brand new Pennychoo blog!

Well, first off, I’m not entirely sure yet what this is going to be about, but like all the blogs I enjoy, I expect it will probably just be about things I see and like, and which give me ideas for my own work (design, illustration and greetings cards).

This probably means that a lot of it will either be things that are old, or else new things that reference the past in an interesting way.

I’m hoping it will also chart the development of new ranges of Pennychoo cards so I have something to look back on when I’m sat in The Kath Kidston Home for Infirm and Decrepit Creatives somewhere…

There might just be a load of old nonsense in here too, but I’ll keep the posts short and regular and the images plentiful, so at least it’ll be visually arresting nonsense. Hope you stick around!


3 responses to “Be gentle – I’m new here…

  1. May I be the first to welcome you to the wonderful world of blogging and the many paths it will take you on.. Expect the unexpected as my brother always says!
    I for one .. am a big fan of your fab retro designs and once this subterranean world of bloggers gets to hear about them.. well.. you’ll not get time to blog!

    Michele x

  2. Thanks Michele! I feel welcomed! x

  3. about blumming time Mrs! Nice to see you!

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